Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reading and Writing (RAW)

Activity: To spend some time with local communities in Abuja reading short books, encouraging storytelling and playing games.
Time: Saturday every fortnight. There is not minimum required.
Comments: Set-up by the publisher Cassava Republic, this NGO aims at promoting literacy development and creative writing in Nigeria. The Book Drive is a project to inspire a love of books, to overcome the difficulties of accessing books and to encourage families to support and get involved in their kids reading. Each week volunteers will drive to a public space within one of the 6 communities chosen inside Abuja. Volunteers will be equipped with a Book Drive Kit - books for children and young adults, games, toys, rugs and cushions. Families from that community will be welcomed to come along and enjoy it all for free.
Phone: 07060514007
Email: Web: